Integrated Spatial Decision Support & PP System
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General Project Aims

The project is at the core of linking knowledge and innovation with entrepreneurship and enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs, which is a key objective of the Research-Creating-Innovating Action. Through this project, partner businesses will incorporate new knowledge and innovation into the services and products they already provide, which will both enhance and create added value and new jobs and document the link between research and research. economic development.

Further refining the national strategy through the Smart Specialization Strategies forms the specific directions by region. The project is within these guidelines for the Region of Attica and the Region of Central Macedonia. Particularly in Attica, special emphasis is placed on projects like the one proposed. ICT is at the heart of all three areas of specialization of the TSE (Creative Economy, Blue Economy, Sustainable Needs). In fact, many sectors of ICT are included in the Creative Economy. Even more relevant is the project with Sustainable Needs Economics, which is the top target of the TSE and refers to building quality of life. The proposed project leverages ICT research and innovation to provide an integrated system aimed at improving the quality of life in the city and enhancing democracy and citizen participation in decision making and spatial planning.It is therefore at the core of the Sustainable Needs Economy objective.

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