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We welcome you to our research project entitled “Integrated Spatial Decision Making & Participatory Planning”, ppCity, code T1EDK-02901 and MIS code 5029727 implemented in the framework of the Unified Enforcement Actions CREATE – INNOVATE »by OP “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK)”, NSRF 2014 – 2020. The project is co-funded by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund. The members of the Partnership for this project are:

  • COMMONSPACE WORKERS COOPERATIVE- Architecture, Urban Planning, Spatial Strategies and Participatory Planning

The project aims to develop an Integrated Spatial Decision Making and Participatory Planning System to monitor and plan projects and actions at the city and neighborhood level, focusing on citizen, environment and quality of life. The involvement and involvement of the public and users of public space is essential and crucial. The system consists of three (3) key management, interaction and analysis platforms. The end product is a modular system.

The core of the system is the participatory design platform with the other two operating as supportive and supportive as well as autonomous. The project develops an infrastructure for integrating IoT sensor data into the participatory design platform. The project will implement: Platform 1: Data Collection & Problem Identification: it is the basic infrastructure on which the necessary data for the operation of the planning and decision-making process is gathered.

The goal of the site is to collect and manage environmental and quality of life data in the city. It functions as a data-hub, leverages existing data and services through interconnection techniques, enables it to enrich itself with new data sets, and supports the sharing and re-use of Internet services. Platform 2: Collaborative Design / ppGIS: unique conceptualized participatory design system, presenting innovative features. The platform provides the tools, knowledge and steps for equitable and effective participation of citizens and users. Proposed projects and actions set by the organization are communicated to users through a targeted and structured communication campaign to ensure increased involvement of target groups.

It supports processes for analyzing and selecting appropriate design solutions, suggestions, ideas. Multi-criteria analysis algorithms prioritize the interventions, as well as the weight of the participants’ opinions, who are invited to participate in all stages of the process. Platform 3: Dashboard Indicators: acts as a monitoring and evaluation tool for emerging problems and solutions. Includes an extensive palette of quality standards based on European standards. It is a valuable tool for analyzing municipality status, extracting comparable results, quantifying qualitative data. It supports the organization in its strategic planning, in seeking funding and in monitoring the implementation of programs and projects. Integrated System: aims at completing the three subsystems, operating control and documentation of the integrated system. Through this project, partner businesses will incorporate new knowledge and innovation into the services and products they already provide, which will enhance them, increasing their competitiveness and research potential, while at the same time creating added value and new jobs. working. On the other hand, the project will document the link between research and economic development and society, thus contributing positively to the national economy and to Greek society.

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